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Up-to-date board documentation following the current format.

📄️ Current Sensor Calibration

Some boards include a current sensor in order to provide measures such as "Battery current draw", "Battery current mAh drawn" and others. More often than not, the current sensor has to be thoroughly calibrated for the measures to be accurate. Also, Betaflight includes a Virtual Current Sensor feature that can be used when the current sensor is missing or broken. This sensor needs a different calibration procedure to be performed in order to provide reasonably accurate measures. The Betaflight documentation includes very valuable advice on how to calibrate both sensors: Battery

📄️ SBus FPort and Open Tx

OpenTX has the problem that it fails to fully utilise the hardware that FrSky sells for SBus and FPort (called 'D16' in OpenTX terminology). As a consequence, on FrSky hardware that is perfectly capable of supporting 4 RC channels and up to 12 switch channels with an update rate of 9 ms, OpenTX (up to and including version 2.2.3 at least) only supports an update rate of 18 ms for the RC channels. To make matters worse, it does this by sending RC frames to the flight controller at intervals of 9 ms, but sends identical RC data for each pair of consecutive frames.