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Betaflight Configurator
Betaflight Configurator is a Windows/OSX/Linux application for building, flashing and configuring Betaflight. Download the latest release or run the latest version directly in your browser.
Betaflight Firmware
For Betaflight 4.4 and higher, Configurator builds a custom firmware file 'in the cloud' and flashes it to your flight controller. For 4.3 and earlier, download the correct 'hex' file for your flight controller and flash it manually.
Lua Tx Scripts
Adjust Betaflight's settings with your radio transmitter with Betaflight's Lua Tx scripts..
BlackBox Log Viewer
Review flight data logs, map the flight and check debug values with Betaflight Blackbox Log Viewer or run the latest version directly in your browser.
Beta testing (WARNING)
Test the latest upcoming features and contribute to Betaflight's development by using the nightly builds:
Source code
Review and download the source code on the Betaflight GitHub Repository.
Wiki, Development and other documentation may be found in the docs directory.


Betaflight 4.3 walkthrough
Betaflight 4.3 for beginners