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Setup Tab

A place for basic settings and flight controller information. The setup tab is the first tab you see when you connect to your flight controller. You can calibrate the various sensors and check the gyroscope live preview, view the arming prevention flags and other FC information

Setup tab

Basic Setup

Calibrate Accelerometer

The accelerometer is used to determine the orientation of the flight controller. It is used to determine the pitch, roll and yaw angles. You can calibrate it here, following the instructions


The accelerometer is used for self stabilization features, like angle, horizon, acro trainer, and even GPS rescue. If you do not intend to use these features, you can skip this step, or even disable the accelerometer entirely

Calibrate Magnetometer

The magnetometer (compass) is used to determine the heading of the flight controller in 3d space. This is useful for more accurate information for GPS rescue. Calibrate it following the instructions

The magnetometer calibration process is time limited, you only have 30 seconds to do the movements

Reset Settings


This will reset ALL settings to default, leading to an empty config. This is not a "Factory Reset" for your drone or flight controller, nor will it reset your just-changed settings. It's to be used as a hard reset, and can lead to unpredictable results, or you may even need to re-flash in order to even be able to connect again

Activate Bootloader/DFU

A manual way to put the flight controller into DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode without having to hold down the physical boot button. This is useful if you're having issues when flashing. Board will remain in DFU mode until cycled or a flash is completed

FC Information

Live Gyro Preview

A live preview of the gyroscope data. This is useful to check if the gyroscope is aligned correctly, and if it isn't getting/giving noisy data


You can set the gyroscope alignment in the Configuration tab


Shows some basic data from the flight controller. This includes:

  • Arming Disable Flags - Shows all of the "errors" that prevent the flight controller from arming. This is useful to check if you're having issues arming
  • Battery Voltage - Shows the current battery voltage if the settings for it are set correctly
  • Current Drawn - Shows the current drawn from the battery if the settings for it are set correctly
  • Current Draw - Shows the current that the drone is drawing from the battery if the settings for it are set correctly
  • RSSI - Shows the current RSSI value (used as a rough estimate of the signal strength) if the settings for it are set correctly


Shows the GPS data if the flight controller has a GPS module connected and set up. This includes:

  • 3D Fix - Shows if the GPS has a 3D fix or not, a fix is needed for proper GPS functionality
  • Sats - Shows the current ammoount of satellites the GPS has a lock on. The more the better, usually 6 or more is needed for a good fix
  • Lattitude/Longittude - Shows the current lat/long coordinates of the drone


A graphic replica of real aircraft instruments

Experimental Backup and Restore

Allows you to back up the configuration that can be changed in the configurator itself, you cannot back up CLI-only settings