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Using the configurator

This is a generic procedure to flash a board using the configurator. The configurator does not yet support all boards, so please check the documentation corresponding to your board before proceeding.

Make sure you have the Cleanflight Configurator installed, then:

  • Connect the flight controller to the PC.
  • Start the Cleanflight Configurator.
  • Click on "Disconnect" if the configurator connected to the board automatically.
  • Click on the "Firmware Flasher" tab.
  • Make sure you have internet connectivity and click on the "Load Firmware [Online]" button.
  • Click on the "Choose a Firmware / Board" dropdown menu, and select the latest stable version for your flight controller.
  • IMPORTANT: Read and understand the release notes that are displayed. When upgrading review all release notes since your current firmware.
  • If this is the first time Cleanflight is flashed to the board, tick the "Full Chip Erase" checkbox.
  • Connect the flight controller board to the PC. Ensure the correct serial port is selected.
  • Click on the "Flash Firmware" button and hold still (do not breathe, too).
  • When the progress bar becomes green and reads "Programming: SUCCESSFUL" you are done!


See the board specific flashing instructions.


When upgrading be sure to backup / dump your existing settings. Some firmware releases are not backwards compatible and default settings are restored when the FC detects an out of date configuration.

Backup/Restore process

See the CLI section of the docs for details on how to backup and restore your configuration via the CLI.