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Building in Windows

For various reasons, a custom build of Betaflight might be needed. A user might want to enable certain features that are disabled on his / her target, for example. This guide provides the basic instructions needed to build Betaflight on a Windows system. One option is given:

  • Using the Linux subsystem (Windows >= 10 only)

Building on Windows 10 using the Linux Subsystem

A new feature in Windows 10 allows any developer to quickly and easily run an entire linux subsystem in Windows and access it via a bash terminal. This gives developers full use of the entire Linux OS and all of the great existing linux tools and programs. When Bash for Windows is up and running it feels like you sshed into a full Linux box, except the linux distro is actually running alongside Windows locally.

If you use Bash on Windows you can easily build Betaflight exactly as you would for Ubuntu. For instructions follow the official guide here.

Once you have Bash On Windows running you can follow the "Building in Ubuntu" instructions for building Betaflight.