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Spektrum Satellite Bind 3.2

General Description

Prior to 3.2, Spektrum satellite bind pin was fixed to a pre-defined pin, usually a RX pin of fixed UART port.

With 3.2 and later, you have a freedom of moving the Spektrum satellite receiver around with bind facility following your choice of UART.

  • The bind pin automatically defaults to RX pin of the UART port the satellite receiver is configured; if you configure UARTx for serial RX and set serial RX protocol to one of SPEKTRUM kind, then UARTx_RX will be used for binding.

  • If SRXL is selected as a serial RX protocol, then UARTx_TX will be used for binding.

  • With 3.3 and later, the automatic bind pin selection also works for DSM receivers connected in half-duplex mode (see note below).


  • Binding will only work if there are a direct connection between the FC processor and the satellite, allowing for bi-directional data. On REVO, and all other F4 based FCs there are inverters on some UARTs that will block the binding signal. UART3 is usually OK on most F4s, UART1 and 6 might be more troublesome.

  • F4 boards with TX pin of an UART exposed directly to pads/THs can use the TX pin and CLI serialrx_halfduplex set to ON.

Overriding Bind Pin Default

The automatic bind pin selection can be overridden by specifying a pin to use by RX_BIND resource and resource cli command.

resource RX_BIND pin-id

There are targets with RX_BIND by default, which disables the automatic port selection. In this case, you can remove this assignment by the following command.

resource RX_BIND NONE

Bind Plug

The bind plug facility is also reconfigurable with 3.2.

Use resourceRX_BIND_PLUG to specify the bind plug pin.

resource RX_BIND_PLUG pin-id

Note that only the Negative logic plug (short to ground to make it work) type is supported (for now).

Binding Sequence once all is setup. This is the Same as has been.

In the CLI: set spektrum_sat_bind = 9 save

Unplug USB cable, plug it back in, when the LED in the receiver flashes, bind it to the RC transmitter. Normally you are now done with the bind process, unless you have also disabled automatic reset. Described below.

Automatic reset from bind mode is enabled by default, in some situations it may be needed to disable it at the same time binding is setup:

set spektrum_sat_bind = 9 set spektrum_sat_bind_autoreset = OFF save

If automatic reset from bind mode is disabled, you have to manually reset it after binding is complete

set spektrum_sat_bind = 0 set spektrum_sat_bind_autoreset = ON save

Other bind options values: 3 for dsm2 1024/22ms 5 for dsm2 2048/11ms 7 for dsmx 2048/22ms 9 for dsmx 2048/11ms

Reverse range

It is usually necessary to reverse the ROLL and the YAW.

rxrange 0 2000 1000
rxrange 1 1000 2000
rxrange 2 2000 1000
rxrange 3 1000 2000

More details can be found here: