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Betaflight Partners

Betaflight PartnerBetaflight Partner

The Betaflight Partner Program is an exciting new professional services package from the Betaflight development team, which gives leading FPV brands a number of benefits, and the opportunity to work directly with the development team.

The Partner Program includes:

  • Development discussion channel with Betaflight core team and brand manager
  • Consultation for IC layout
  • Target creation support and test feedback
  • Ready to fly drone tuning with preset repository creation and support
  • Official promotion through our configurator and website

Direct Support

In english and using a translation bot into any other language, we can communicate directly with the brands engineers to provide support for development. This includes early warning about new firmware features, and suggestions from the team about proposed products. When designing new flight controllers, we can advise on layout and components, for best results and reducing prototype costs. When the hardware is ready we can create the target firmware, validate and flight test for those on the scheme.

Drone Tuning

Many brands are now are releasing ready built drones. We have a collection of highly experienced pilots in our team with a deep understanding of the firmware. As part of the partner program we can tune and create a preset repository for ready built drones. This is a brand new opportunity featuring some of the best tuners in the world. It will allow brands to use the Betaflight Partner icon to signify the drone is tuned by the Betaflight Team, and can significantly improve the drones performance.

Official Promotion

We have hundreds of thousands of interactions with the Betaflight configurator each month, and can now promote the partner brands we work with giving a direct link to the partner website. This provides valuable brand credibility from Betaflight to those participating FPV brands as well as potential sales.
Our website features download links and wiki for firmware, and so also gets significant traffic. Partners in this program will also feature in promotion on the website, as well as inside the configurator.

How to Join

Those companies wishing to join the Betaflight Partner program can contact us at