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Betaflight Sponsors

Betaflight is an open source project with over half a million users. It is the biggest UAV firmware in the sector and as such requires constant development to keep pushing forwards with new features, and significant maintenance and management to remain compatible with third party hardware. The development team are passionate advocates of the sector, and have developed working relationships with the best companies in the business.

We have chosen a selection of these companies that we use to support the development team through sponsorship. We are proud to work together with the following brands:

Betaflight Sponsors


High quality by name and by nature - these props are a favorite of the development team. Providing propellers with fantastic performance for racing and freestyle - Betaflight Team recommends HQ Props.

HQPropHQProp J37HQProp J37


Makers of the popular TX16s and now the Boxer - Radiomaster have become the favorite of the development team over the last years. Integration of the Express LRS radio protocol in Radiomaster products takes this to another level, another open source project close to Betaflight.

RadiomasterRadiomaster TX16sRadiomaster TX16s


Dogcom supplies high quality, high discharge LiPo batteries with freestyle Sbang and MCK racing options as well as a plethora of sizes appropriate for all sizes of FPV platforms.

RadiomasterDOGCOM 650mAhDOGCOM 650mAh