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HQProp - Betaflight Development Team Sponsor.

· 2 min read

Founded in 2012, HQProp are devoted to supplying the RC community with High Quality props. This brand has been fundamental to the development of the FPV quadcopter hobby by producing cutting edge designs over the whole range of drone size and uses, and they are a popular choice in the Betaflight development team.

We are therefore delighted to partner with them as an offical Betaflight Team Sponsor.

Some comments from developers:


“Been a fan of HQ and their props for a long time. I love the way they are easy to bend back with the simple shapes which is a big plus in racing. I race ultralite quads and the Ethix range has the perfect range of sub 4g props with different amounts of pitch to suit all the different tracks i might fly. Having been in the hobby a long time the owner of HQ is a real gentleman and very supportive of the hobby, so he was the first person I reached out to when I started looking for sponsors for the Betaflight Dev team”..


“I love the J37 and P3.5 for all of my 5” builds, and the 3x2x3 for my 3” practice rig. So far a set has outlived an arm or two! HQ did an amazing job”


“R36 is my favourite prop ever. R38 are also good. They are very durable for racing and crashing, well-designed to be fast enough, but not too fast draining the battery. R36 is an awesome combination of authority, power, and style. HQProp is always super supportive for droneracing community, love that!”


“Rocking R37 and R38 for all my 5”. The R37 work perfectly for freestyle, when i want a little bit faster, the R38 are just perfect. Also after a crash, you bend them back and they are nearly as new! Love them!”


“I fly HQ J37 props exclusively for 5” freestyle because they have an awesome feel and balance - J for the Juice...HQ are quality by name and quality by nature. Thanks Zhong ”