Are you a manufacturer and wondering how you can help the Betaflight team? Unless we have your product in our hands we will not be in the best position to be able to develop and test your product with our software.

Providing the Betaflight team with samples of your product will allow them to consider adding in, and importantly testing, any special features your particular hardware may have. If you are willing to provide samples to the Betaflight team then you can do so by reaching out to us at samples(at) or hit us up on our slack! We will then discuss your offer internally and send you a shipping address for the person (or persons) who would be most appropriate to either implement or test the changes needed to support your specific hardware.

IMPORTANT: Sending samples will not guarantee our ability to accommodate any specific hardware variation, but it will go a long way to helping. We will discuss with you prior to providing a shipping address if we feel the feature will not be achievable or inline with the direction of Betaflight.

Thank you, the Betaflight team