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An high quality flight controller for the most demanding pilots by Copperyu.


The YuPiF7 is a 36x36mm (30.5x30.5 mounting holes) board with an F7 microcontroller.

MCU, Sensors and Features


  • MCU: STM32F722
  • IMU: ICM-20689 (SPI)
  • IMU Interrupt: Yes
  • BARO: No
  • VCP: Yes
  • Hardware UARTS: 3 with an inverter for SBus
  • Blackbox: SD card slot
  • PPM : A specific pad is available for PPM input
  • Battery Voltage Sensor: Yes, directly connected, no wiring needed
  • Current sensor : Yes, directly connected, no wiring needed
  • Integrated Voltage Regulator: the board can be powered by your lipo (2S to 6S)
  • Brushed Motor Mosfets: No
  • Motor outputs : can drive up to 6 motors
  • Buttons: Boot0 to enter in DFU mode


  • BlHeli passthrough: Yes
  • WS2811 Led Strip: Yes (on motor output Pin 5)
  • Transponder: No

Designers and Maintainers

RcNet and FaduF

Manufacturers and Distributors

This board is available in the shop FR Website :

Hardware Designs (if available)

The hardware is currently closed source.