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One of the main considerations while designing the TMOTOR F4 was to provide users the maximum amount of UARTs, as well as motor outputs, while retaining maximum efficiency, a careful choice of pinmap allowed to run 6-8 DSHOT motors off just 2 timers, while breaking out all the 6 UARTs that the STM32F405 provides. Plug & play connectivity with most popular 4in1 ESCs.

MCU, Sensors and Features


  • MCU: STM32F405
  • IMU: ICM-20602 or MPU-6000
  • 6 DSHOT motors outputs, 8 by remapping UART6 as M7 & 8, using just 2 timers
  • BMP280 SPI
  • 6 hardware UARTs, UART5 with a controllable inverter for SBUS, USART1 with bidirectional inverter for FPORT/SPORT
  • Onboard regulator supports up to 6S
  • Dataflash blackbox
  • External I2C port
  • JST-SH 10 pin 4in1 ESC plug

Designers & Maintainers

T-Motor FPV (

TMOTOR F4 top TMOTOR F4 bottom