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SP Racing H7 NANO

The Seriously Pro SPRacingH7NANO flight controller features a 400Mhz H7 CPU that runs twice as fast as the previous generation F7 boards. A fast control-loop is what you need for perfect flight performance, the H7 at 400Mhz gives you all the processing power you need.

The SPRacingH7NANO is features a 20x20 mounting pattern, has integrated 5V BEC and 128MB BlackBox logging and has support for external OSDs (e.g. via RunCam Camera or CrossFire/CRSF VTX's like the TBS Unify Evo OSD/VTX.)

Full details available on the website, here:

Purchasing boards directly from SeriouslyPro / SP Racing and official retailers helps fund software development.

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The SPRacingH7NANO FC is the second STM32H750 based FC to ship with Betaflight. Like the SPRacingH7EXTREME before it, it too uses the External Storage (EXST) build system which allows a bootloader to load the flight-controller firmware from external flash.

See the EXST documentation for more details on the EXST system.

Hardware Features

The SPRacingH7NANO is available in two versions, the NANO-S (solder-pads only) or NANO-E (with connectors for 4in1 ESC + RX + IO)

SPRacingH7NANO FC board.

SPRacingH7NANO CPU Side SPRacingH7NANO NANO-E and NANO-S SPRacingH7NANO NANO-S solder pads only SPRacingH7NANO NANO-E with connectors

  • STM32H750 CPU, 400MHz inc FPU

  • 128MByte 1GBit NAND flash via QuadSPI

  • Low-noise ICM20602 accelerometer/gyro with dedicated filtering(connected via SPI)

  • 1.0mm thick 4-layer copper gold-plated PCB

  • 2-6S BEC 5V Switching regulator, 1A

  • TVS protection diode (NANO-E: Fitted, NANO-S: optional extra)

  • Transponder circuitry (LED and code available separately)

  • Buzzer circuitry

  • RSSI Analog input

  • 8 motor outputs (NANO-S: 8 on pads, NANO-E: 4 on 4in1 connector, 4 on pads)

  • 1x Dual SPI + GPIO breakout onto stacking connector (NANO-E only)

  • 6 Serial Ports (5x TX+RX + 1x TX only bi-directional)

  • 3 LEDs for 5V, 3V and STATUS (Green, Blue, Red)

  • 26.5x26.5mm PCB with 20mm mounting hole pattern

  • 4mm mounting holes for soft-mount grommets and M3 bolts

  • MicroUSB socket for configuration and ESC programming

  • Bootable from External flash.

  • Supplied with 4x soft-mount grommets.

  • Optionally supplied with 2x JST-SH 8-way IO cables. (NANO-E only)

  • Optionally supplied with 2x PicoBlade 6-way IO cables. (NANO-E only)

  • 1x solder pad for LED Strip

  • 2x solder pad for DAC out (NANO-S only)

  • 2x solder pad for ADC in (for 4in1 current sensor output, etc)

  • 2x solder pads for UART8 RX/TX

  • 2x solder pads for 5V/GND power

  • 2x solder pads for Buzzer

  • 2x solder pads for TVS Diode

  • 1x Row of pads for Motor 1-4 + Battery wires (NANO-S only)

  • 1x Row of pads for RX connections (UART1 RX+TX, RSSI, 5V, GND, IR) (NANO-S only)

  • 2x Rows of pads for additional IO (UART2,UART5,IR,LED-Strip,etc)

  • 2x 8pin JST-SH socket for GND/5V/I2C/UART4/UART5 (IO port, e.g. for external GPS module)

  • 2x 8pin JST-SH socket for GND/5V/SWD/UART3 (IO port, e.g. for debugging, etc)

  • 1x 6pin PicoBlade socket for RX (NANO-E only)

  • 1x 6pin PicoBlade socket for 4in1 ESC (NANO-E only)

  • 1x solder pads for BOOT

  • 1x solder pads for BIND

  • Cleanflight and Betaflight logos - they're on there, you just have to find them

  • SP Racing logo

  • 1x Additional easter egg!

Connection Diagrams

Connection diagrams can be found on the website, here:


The manual can be downloaded from the website, here: