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The SPRacingF7DUAL is the first Betaflight/Cleanflight FC to support SIMULTANEOUS DUAL GYRO and PID AUDIO features.

It features an F7 (STM32F722) CPU, two 32Khz capable GYROS, AUDIO-OUTPUT, FC/PDB, OSD, SD-Card, Transponder, LED Strip, 8 Motor Outputs, 5 Serial Ports (no inverters needed, F7 does it), Camera OSD Control, Current Sensor, 4in1 ESC pads, BMP280 Barometer, 5V BEC, PWM/Analog RSSI, Edge-press boot buttons and is soft-mountable with supplied grommets if required.

Basically, it's the best FC out there!

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SPRacingF7DUAL - Top

SPRacingF7DUAL - Bottom

Also available is a stacking board which supports RTC6705-SPI and TBS Unify VTX modules.

SPRacingF7VTX - Top View

Designed by Dominic Clifton, the guy that started Cleanflight!