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The PYRODRONEF4 target is new board developed by

  • flat bottom.(No component on the bottom)
  • 6 uarts with 4 motor outputs(DShot supported)
  • uart 1 inverted for sbus(selectable) , uart 3 with inverter for frsky telemetry
  • onboard 5V bec.
  • direct solder pad layout for 4 IN 1 ESC or use 4 in 1 ESC Plug
  • With uart RX pin layout inside the 4 IN 1 ESC plug for use ESC telemetry.
  • USB -VCP

Serial Ports



TX1, RX1 -> UART1 sbus pad (RX1 Use for Sbus has inverter build in) TX2, RX2 -> UART2 Esc Telemetry (use for esc telemetery) TX3, RX3 -> UART3 TEL PAD (use for frsky temeletery has inverter build in) TX4, RX4 -> UART4 (Free uart) TX5, RX5 -> UART5 TX5 (TX5 use for SmartAudio, No RX5 pinout ) TX6, RX6 -> UART5 (design to use crossfire rx)

board label

vtx*+ VTX power (Vbat) vtx*- VTX ground video VTX Signal current Current sensor input bb+ Buzzer + bb- Buzzer - m1 Motor 1 m2 Motor 2 m3 Motor 3 m4 Motor 4 Vbat Battery input positive Gnd Battery input negative Cam_C Camera control(with build in Resistor and capacitor) 5V 5v output led_s Led strip signal