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V2 support

Firmware target

For OMNIBUS F7 V2, please use OMNIBUSF7V2 target, available in 3.2RC-4 and later.

ESC Mid Rail and ESC Telemetry Jumper Block

  • ESC Mid Rail can be configured either as (a) 5V INPUT rail or (b) ESC telemetry input to UART7_RX(RX7).
  • Current sensing uses pin7 of J3 connector. This pin can be used as (c) voltage (0-3V3) encoded current sensor output suitable for input to ADC, or (d) ESC telemetry input to UART7_RX(RX7).
  • These functions should be selected with two jumper blocks, as described in the drawing below.


F7 + OSD

  • OSD
  • SPI Gyro ICM-20608-G (SPI1)
  • SPI Gyro MPU6000 (SPI3)
  • STM32 F745 MCU
    • F7 MCUs have an integrated inverter, like the STM32F3
  • SBUS/PPM input
  • 4PWM output, DSHOT enabled
  • BMP280 BARO
  • VBAT sensor (voltage divider)
  • External current sensor and RSSI ADC ready