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OMNIBUS F4 AIO, F4 V2/V3/V4, F4 Pro v2/V3 and ASGARD

Board identification

For board identification, see OMNIBUS F4 V2 & V3 : Identifying revisions

Note for Omnibus F4 V6 and Omnibus F4 Nano V6 users (2019-01-17)

  • Firmware target for V6 is OMNIBUSF4V6and for Nano V6 is OMNIBUSF4FW.

Note for Omnibus F4 Nano V4, V5 and V6 users (2018-08-24)

  • Serial RX port for inverted protocols (e.g., S.BUS) is UART1, and there is no programmable inverters.
  • Flit10 Rx works only on UART3

Note for OMNIBUS F4 V3, V4, V5 and ASGARD users

  • On OMNIBUS F4 V3 and later, serial RX is UART6, not UART1.
  • ASGARD also uses UART6 RX (J5) for serial RX.
  • These boards require a firmware with programmable inverter support (still OMNIBUSF4SD target).
  • With the support, inversion will be enabled/disabled according to selected serial RX protocol (e.g. SBUS, IBUS, ...).
  • However, inverter pin differs between F4 V3/V4 and ASGARD, and OMNIBUSF4SD target defaults to F4 V3/V4 design. ASGARD users must explicitly change the pin mapping by executing the following CLI command.
resource inverter 6 c9

v3.1.7 and later: LED strip pin assignment has changed for OMNIBUSF4SD target


v3.1.x and earlier uses PWM5 (OMNIBUSF4 target) or PWM6 (OMNIBUSF4SD target) for LED strip, not the LED labelled pin. This was a work around for the original OMNIBUS F4 AIO having invalid pin on the designated pin. However, newer revisions of the OMNIBUS F4 family has valid (usable) pin assigned to the LED pin. Unfortunately, the pin was not ready for use with BF3.1.6 and earlier, but is was made default after BF3.1.7 and later. It means the current working connection to non-LED connector/through-hole in BF3.1.6 and earlier does not work unless explicitly remapped to the current pin.

Those users with working LED strip on PWM5 or PWM6 can either migrate to the new assignment if the board supports the mapping, or explicitly assign older mapping with the resource CLI command.

  1. Migrating to the new assignment

Users of the following boards can migrate (rewire the LED strip signal) to the new assignment that uses the designated LED through-hole/connector.

  • OMNIBUS F4 V2 (J9)
  • OMNIBUS F4 V3 (J9)
  • OMNIBUS F4 Pro V3 (J1)
  • ASGARD V1 and V2 (J1)

Notes: (1) v3.1.7 firmware is already modified to use these through-hole/connector. (2) Unfortunately, PPM users can't use this new assignment because The new pin (MCU PB6) has a timer collision with PPM input pin (PB8); these users are forced to use the remap method below.

  1. Explicit pin assignment remapping.

Users who choose (or forced in PPM case) not to migrate to the new assignment have to explicitly remap the assignment to the older default using the resource CLI command below.

resource led_strip a8

Board naming (needs updating)

These boards are called differently depending on the distributor.

| | RTFQ | BF target |
| OMNIBUS F4 Pro (v2) | | |


  • SPI Gyro MPU6000
  • STM32 F405 MCU, Runs Betaflight 3.0 firmware
  • SBUS/PPM input (Pinheaders)
  • 6PWM output (1-4Pinheaders and Sh1.0 Plug, 5-6 as Pinheaders)
  • 128Mbit Flash

OMNIBUS F4 Pro features

  • SPI Gyro MPU6000
  • On-Board OSD (controlled by Betaflight, FC over SPI bus)
  • MicroSD Blackbox
  • Baro (BMP280)
  • F4 Processor (F405)
  • 5v 3a SBEC
  • Built-in Current Sensor
  • On-Board Video Filter (can only supply 5V to VTX and Camera)

Betaflight 3.1 specific configuration


  • Use OMNIBUSF4 target.
  • LED strip port is PWM5.

Resource mapping (WIP)

RSSIA0Not ADC capable
PWM5A15,21,4motor 5, led_strip
PWM4A22,31,1motor 4
PWM3A32,41,6motor 3
PWM6A81,12,3motor 6
UART1 TXA91,22,2serial_tx 1Not remappable with v3.1
UART1 RXA101,3?,?serial_rx 1Not remappable with v3.1
PWM1B03,31,7motor 1
PWM2B13,41,2motor 2
LEDB64,11,0J9 (Not accessible with v3.1)
UART3 TXB102,3(!)?,?serial_tx 2
UART3 RXB112,4(!)?,?serial_rx 2
UART6 TXC68,12,2serial_tx 3
UART6 RXC78,22,3serial_rx 3

OMNIBUS F4 V2 and F4 Pro

  • Use OMNIBUSF4SD target.
  • v3.1.7 and later: For OMNIBUS F4 Pro V2, LED strip signal is connected to PWM6.
  • v3.1.6 and earlier: LED strip signal is connected to PWM6.

Resource Mapping (WIP)

(Not available yet)

Other Resources

RCgroups thread for the F4 AIO at

RCgroups thread for the F4 Pro at

Layouts for F4 Pro Top Bottom

Receiver Setup

Serial RX

On the OMNIBUSF4, the UART1 RX pin is available for use on 3 different headers, only one of which can be used at any given time:

  • SBUS port (via inverter), this pin is also shared with the PPM pin.
  • Spektrum sat header (no inverter)
  • UART1 header (no inverter)

Spektrum Binding (v3.1.6+)

  • Configure the flight controller for your receiver by opening the BetaFlight Configurator and on the ports page, set UART1 to Serial RX and click save. Switch to the configuration tab and in the Receiver section, set the mode to SerialRX and provider to either:

    • Spektrum 2048 for DSMX
    • Spektrum 1024 for DSM2
  • In the CLI run:

set spektrum_sat_bind = 9
set spektrum_sat_bind_autorst = 0
  • Wait for the board to reboot, then remove all power from the board (unplug the USB), wait a moment then and plug the in the USB cable.

  • The bind light on the receiver should be flashing.

  • Turn on your transmitter in bind mode.

  • The flashing light on the receiver should now be solid.

  • Turn of your transmitter.

  • Finally take the receiver out of bind mode by running the following in the CLI:

set spektrum_sat_bind = 0
  • Make sure to change to TAER channel order under the Receiver tab in the BetaFlight configurator.