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Beautifully simple STM32F7 based flightcontroller. A F7 replacement for the Naze.

NERO (TOP) - rev1 NERO (BOTTOM) - rev1

MCU, Sensors and Features


  • Size: 36x36mm (30.5x30.5 mounting holes)
  • MCU: STM32F722RET6
  • IMU: ICM-20602 (SPI)
  • IMU Interrupt: Yes
  • VCP: Yes
  • Hardware UARTS: 3
  • OSD: Compatible pin-outs for MinimOSD on UART3 (stackable)
  • Blackbox: SD card
  • PPM/UART Shared: UART6
  • Battery Voltage Sensor: Yes, directly connected, no wiring necessary (if using pololu on full size)
  • Integrated Voltage Regulator: Pololu piggy back option
  • Button for putting board into DFU mode


  • Current Sensor: available as ADC input, but requires shunt circuit on PDB or battery cable.
  • BlHeli passthrough: Yes
  • WS2811 Led Strip: Yes (on motor output Pin 5)
  • Transponder: No
  • SPI (2) is broken out for adding an SPI peripheral, e.g. another GYRO.

Manufacturers and Distributors

These boards are now currently available. Shipping of pre-orders is occurring now.

Available here:

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Configuration Information

Wiring Diagrams

Main wiring details:

Wiring Diagram - rev1

Micro pin details:

Micro pins - rev1


The pin out for the MCU is provided here, so that it can be used as a reference for others considering developing a board using the same target. This is so targets can be minimised going forward. Hopefully the info will also assist other developers in adding features.

MCU Output Schematic - rev1

Other Resources

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