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This is an AIO Flight Controller F4 FC with OSD and 30A BLHeli_32 ESC. More information on this FC can be found here:

iBus and SmartAudio

As this FC has only one UART (UART6) provided as pins, it can be tricky to get iBus (that needs a UART RX) and SmartAudio working at the same time. Here is a solution to get this accomplished:

  1. Solder iBus to the Pad labled RX6 and SmartAudio to the Pad labeled TX6.
  2. Configure iBus in Betaflight as usual for Port 6
  3. Run the following commands in CLI:

resource PWM 3 NONE

resource SERIAL_TX 6 NONE

resource SERIAL_TX 11 C06



  1. Now you should find another soft-serial on your ports-tab that you can use to configure SmartAudio