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The KroozX combo is a combination of flight controller and 4in1 Blheli_S(BB2) ESC boards with a lot of useful features, like onboard OSD with 2 video channel switch, micro-SD card slot, 2 powerful BECs, LC filter for clear picture transmission and many more. It utilizes powerful SMT32F4 processor and two inertial sensors: MPU6000 (SPI bus) and ICM20608 (I2C bus), which gives an opportunity to build a highly responsible quadcopter with redundand IMU for more safety in flight. Proper wiring and schematics decreases the GYRO and GPS noise level, increasing the flight performance. An optional onboard HM-TRP or HC-12 (2 different board versions) transceiver enables wireless setup and control during flight.

MCU, Sensors and Features


  • MCU: STM32F4RGT6
  • IMU: MPU6000 (SPI bus), ICM20608 (I2C bus)
  • BARO: MS5611
  • VCP: Yes
  • Hardware UARTS: 5 (RX6, RX1/TX1 with onboard inverter)
  • PWM outputs: 10
  • OSD: MAX7456 with a switch for 2 video channel
  • Blackbox: MicroSD card slot (SD/SDHC, upto 64GB)
  • PPM/SBUS: RX6 with onboard inverter
  • Wireless: optional HM-TRP or HC-12 onboard transceiver
  • Battery Voltage Sensor: Yes, up to 6S input
  • Current Sensor: Yes
  • Integrated Voltage Regulator: 5V 2000mA, 10V 2000mA with LC filter
  • Buttons: No (powering the board with plugged USB starts STM DFU bootloader)
  • Buzzer driver: Yes
  • RSSI Analog/PWM port: Yes
  • SWD port: Yes (SWIO, SWCLK, RST pins)


  • STM32F4 flight controller stacked with 4in1 20A Blheli_S(BB2) ESC combo
  • Double gyro sensors
  • 2 powerful integrated BECs
  • 2 channel video switch
  • Up to 6S input
  • Dimension: 85x28x20mm / fixing hole spacing 32x18mm.
  • Supports DShot.

Manufacturers and Distributors

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