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The FuryF4 is the next iteration in the Fury line of flight controllers. Designed around the STM32F4 MCU, it features a simple layout that makes connecting components convenient and easy to accomplish. The FuryF4 utilizes an SPI gyro (MPU-6000 or ICM-20689) for super fast communication with the MCU. Flight logging can be easily done by writing to the onboard data flash or SDCard slot.

RCGroups Thread:

Board Features

  • F4 processor (allows you to run high loop times and gives you 3x dedicated UART outputs for things such as GPS, OSDs, Telemetry, etc.)
  • MPU6000 or ICM20689 gyro- The MPU-6000 is a favorite gyro amongst many FPV pilots at the time of writing. It’s low noise floor and high reliability rate makes it a top choice which is why it is on this flight controller. The ICM20689 is the new gyro designed by Invensense to replace the MPU-6000.
  • Large Solder Pads on edge of board
  • USB connector
  • Spektrum Receiver connector port (additional connector is recommended but not required if using Spektrum Hardware.
  • 3v3 output for I2C connections
  • Buzzer connection availability
  • Led connection availability
  • Current sensor connections available

Board Specifications:

  • 5V input or On-board 5v, 2A Switching Regulator
  • Standard 36x36 Board (30.5x30.5 mounting)
  • STM32F4: 32-Bit, 168MHz, 1MB Processor (floating point arithmetic, lots of I/O)
  • 3 hardware serial ports.
  • USB VCP (can be used at the same time as the serial ports).
  • 4 PWM outputs (dedicated for quads).
  • 3.3v regulator output for external devices/Spektrum (up to 500mA)
  • Dedicated PPM/SerialRX input header pins.
  • Dedicated SPEKTRUM adapter port.
  • Dedicated I2C headers.
  • MPU6000 or ICM20689 Mems Gyro/Accelerometer (these gyros are less sensitive to noise then the 9250 or 6500. There is no need to soft mount the controller, and it is known as the “gold standard”
  • SPI Gyro connection (this is a faster communication protocol then SP
  • Optional MS561 Barometer on bottom of board for easy foam covering isolation.
  • On-Board MicroSD Card Support for blackbox data logging (no fuss easy Data logging so that you can get the perfect tune.
  • On-Board 16MB Flash for blackbox data logging
  • Voltage monitoring (built in Voltage divider)
  • Current monitoring (with external current sensor)
  • RSSI monitoring (if your receiver of choice has an output)
  • Buzzer Connector
  • LED Strip Connector
  • SWD Port
  • Direct mounting option for a Pololu switching regulator for up to 6S lipo operation (if no onboard 5v Regulator).
  • Thoughtful, easy-to-build layout
  • Edge launch pins for a low profile build, also better for direct soldering.

Board Layout