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The Crazyflie 2.0 is a brushed nanocopter development kit sold by Bitcraze AB out of Sweden. The flight controller board is the copter itself - the PCB is X-Shaped and plastic motor mounts slide on to the arms. It features an integrated NRF51822 SoC for Rx.

The Crazyflie 2.0 has an extensive expansion deck system with various decks that plug in to the expansion headers to enable various additional functions like buzzers, LEDs, indoor localization, and even an ESC breakout designed for mounting the board on a larger brushless build.

The board has its own operating system and set of client side tools which enable all the functionality of these decks and the copter. This Betaflight/Cleanflight port is designed to enable the core flying scenarios, and is not necessarily intended to enable the features of all the various decks.

MCU, Sensors and Features


  • MCU: STM32F405RG (flight control) + NRF51822 (Bluetooth and Nordic ESB Rx)
  • IMU: Invensense MPU9250
  • IMU Interrupt: Yes
  • BARO: STM LPS25H (no driver in betaflight yet)
  • Compass: Onboard in MPU9250
  • USB: STM32 VCP
  • Hardware UARTS: 0 (1 internal bridge from the NRF51822 to the STM32)
  • Software UARTS: 0
  • OSD: No
  • RC Rx: NRF51822 - Bluetooth or Nordic ESB. Custom defined Rx protocol.
  • FPV Tx: No
  • Blackbox: No
  • PPM/UART Shared: No
  • Battery Voltage Sensor: No
  • Brushed Motor Mosfets: Yes
  • Buttons: Power button connected to NRF51822. Can be used to Boot into DFU mode
  • Number of ESC/Motor outputs: 4 Brushed motors
  • Unbuffered Bidirectional ESC out/in-puts: No
  • Status LEDs: LED0/LED1/LED2
  • Active Beeper output: No
  • Passive Beeper output: No
  • LED-strip output:No
  • Sbus inverter: No
  • PDB: Yes, accepts 1S battery
  • Voltage regulator: Yes max 1S input.
  • Filtered power output: No


  • Firmware target: CRAZYFLIE2

Manufacturers and Distributors

Bitcraze AB Online Store



Arnaud Taffanel, Marcus Eliasson, Tobias Antonsson


Sean Kelly, @theseankelly

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FAQ & Known Issues

Other Resources


Setup Guide on Bitcraze Wiki