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Flashing Cleanflight/BetaFlight to CC3D with Mainport and FTDI Video:

Beeper setup

Posted by handsomejackuk: so i have figured out that I need to configure resources separately in betaflight 3.16 and so far on cc3d have setup my buzzer on pin 6 as confirmed working with older versions of betaflight...

# resource resource BEEPER 1 A02 resource MOTOR 1 B09 resource MOTOR 2 B08 resource MOTOR 3 B07 resource MOTOR 4 A08 resource MOTOR 5 B04 resource PPM 1 A01 resource PWM 2 B05 resource PWM 3 B00 resource PWM 4 B01 resource PWM 5 A00 resource PWM 6 A01 resource SERIAL_TX 3 B10 resource SERIAL_TX 11 B05 resource SERIAL_RX 3 B11 resource SERIAL_RX 11 B00