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Remapping Motors with Resource Command

Necessity for swapping/shifting/rotating motor positions rises from time to time. Before v3.1, we had to either use long wires between FC and ESC to retain the original mapping (which make the build messy) or use a custom mix to change how each motor contributes to attitude adjustment.

With 3.1, we can easily modify motor mappings with resource CLI command. See Betaflight resource mapping for descriptions of this command.

####Videos: A Joshua Bardwell Video: Resource Remapping- No more Custom Motor Mixer Project Blue Falcon video: Find Bad ESC output Pin and Remap Motors

A Blue Falcon video: Remap Motors In Betaflight (damaged pins fix)


Here, the most common case of "rotating FC or PDB" is taken as an example.

Suppose you have a board with motor numbers labeled like this:

4 2

3 1

and for some reason, you want to rotate the board 90-degrees clock wise, ending up with

3 4

1 2

Let's fix this.

  1. Record the current motor mapping

Type resource list to find out the original mapping.

# resource list
A06: MOTOR 1
A07: MOTOR 2
A11: MOTOR 3
A12: MOTOR 4
  1. Write a diagram with the original pin to motor mapping.
4(A12) 2(A7)

3(A11) 1(A6)
  1. Rotate the drawing clock wise 90-degrees.
3(A11) 4(A12)

1(A6) 2(A7)
  1. Remove the old motor position label.
A11 A12

A6 A7

This is your actual MCU pin position.

  1. Assign new motor position label to the MCU pins.
4(A11) 2(A12)

3(A6) 1(A7)

This is your new mapping.

  1. The cli resource command for this mapping is:
resource motor 1 a7
resource motor 2 a12
resource motor 3 a6
resource motor 4 a11

As you enter these commands, you will be seeing error messages in the form * ERROR * X also used by MOTOR Y. The overlapping mapping is transitional, and you will be ending up with clean mapping at the end. If you don't like the error messages, you can clear the old mapping by following typing following commands prior to new mapping.

resource motor 1 none
resource motor 2 none
resource motor 3 none
resource motor 4 none

This is just an example. Please work on your case on your own and verify the results before flying.

Have fun!!!