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Rate Calculator

In order to convert between Betaflight, RaceFlight and FlightOne rates, the converters below can be used. There is also now a converter for Betaflight, Raceflight, KISS, Actual and QuickRates below. Please note that not every curve can be recreated perfectly in a different rate model.

Actual and Quick rates use max velocity directly as a variable (velocity in degree/sec at maximum stick deflection). If you put rates of a different rate model into the configurator it shows you the corresponding max velocity.

RaceFlight/Betaflight/KISS rate chart (converter is not working anymore):

Betaflight/Actual rates chart:

Betaflight rate tuner and RaceFlight/Betaflight converter:

Betaflight/Quick rates chart:

FlightOne/Betaflight rate converter:

Collection of rate presets and rates of established pilots:

More about Actual and Quick rates:

Automatically convert Betaflight, Raceflight, KISS, Actual and Quick rates from one type to another