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OSD Font Upload Problem


Betaflight-configurator font upload function via USB doesn't seem to work on some flight controllers.


No matter how many times you upload the font, the OSD still display the default font.


You need the battery to be plugged in so the function works properly (PROPS REMOVED!). Plug the battery in FIRST, then connect to USB.

Most probable Cause

Some flight controller designed don't power the OSD chip properly (or at all) when connected only to USB. The OSD font is stored inside the OSD chip so it must be powered and communicating with the rest of the flight controller so that the font can be updated.

Concerned Board

The following board/FC are known to have font upload problem

Board NameTargetOSD chipLipo in fix issue ?Product URL
DAL RC F405 AIODALRCF405N/Ayesdalrc
Speedy Bee F7 AIOSPEEDYBEEF7N/AyesSpeedy Bee F7
Diatone Mamba F405 Mini FCFURYF4OSDN/Ayesdiatone


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