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External OSD - MWOSD - CMS

This guide is intended for users who do not have an embedded OSD and / or wish to use an external OSD

Typical MWOSD installation and configuration

About this mode:

  • MWOSD requests raw data from FC, manipulates into human readable format and display
  • Screen layouts and displayed items are determined by MWOSD GUI configurator

MWOSD configuration

  • MWOSD install guides etc. are available via MWOSD wiki.
  • Installing the latest firmware from MWOSD GUI configurator is recommended.
  • Versions 1.7 onward have CMS support enabled for Betaflight.
  • If you are building your own MWOSD firmware, ensure CANVAS_SUPPORT is enabled in config.

FC configuration

  • BetaFlight v3.1.0 onwards for most pre-built targets F3, F4 and F7 have CMS support enabled.
  • Use OSD should be disabled in the FC GUI configurator.
  • MSP must be enabled on the serial port the OSD is attached to.
  • Baud rate must match the OSD. Typically this is 115k

If you are building your own Betaflight FC firmware:

  • It must be built with CMS and USE_MSP_DISPLAYPORT or equivalent options.
  • Corresponding features should be turned on in configuration if they are controlled via features.
  • BetaFlight CMS menu activation is Thr MID + Yaw LEFT + Pitch UP.
  • MWOSD menu activation is Thr MID + Yaw RIGHT + Pitch UP.

Non typical DISPLAYPORT installation and configuration.

About this mode:

  • MWOSD acts dumb and displays screen sent from FC.
  • OSD layouts are configured in the Betaflight Configurator OSD tab.


  • Screen update speed is slower than a typical installation.
  • If this mode is required, raise a request with MWOSD team. A small amount of development is required to resolve issues with flickering display.

To use with DISPLAYPORT:

  • Install latest MWOSD firmware on the OSD.
  • READ CAREFULLY - Install the FC fonts onto the OSD using MWOSD gui configurator. Using MWOSD fonts may display strange characters.
  • Use OSD should be enabled in the FC GUI configurator.

If you are building your own Betaflight FC firmware:

  • Build FC firmware with added options. E.g. make OPTIONS=USE_OSD USE_OSD_OVER_MSP_DISPLAYPORT REVOLT
  • This will enable the OSD tab and full DISPLAYPORT support from the FC.

See also: CMS adjustment